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1 year old already!

So this time last year I would have been sitting in costa having a cuppa with the husband and our tiny wee new born baby. Now she is one and alot has changed. She is one the move in at everything, getting an attitude, feeding herself and forming some words. So proud of my wee princess!  Cant believe how fast the year has gone.

Can’t believe Kelcie is 1 year old in just over a month. So proud of her managing to pull herself up and reach out for mummy and daddy. Eating solids and forming words dada, ta, mum and iya. Waving to everyone and 6 teeth through. Alot happens in 1 year!


Not much to say really. 21! Wow. Doesn’t feel much different to 20. :/ Got spoilt though from my lovely man. And had an awesome party as well. So glad dad and Mary could make it. And so far in the week of being 21 I have spent most of my time cuddled up on the couch watching Bad Girls. Must be getting old. :)

So its 6 months on… doesnt feel like it. Tine flies by. Cant believe how grown you are now. Rolling over, eating solids, giggling… I love you so much. So proud to be a mumny

Kelcie. 6 months now  :)

Kelcie. 6 months now :)

So James comes home last night to junkies in the close. Not just shooting up but cooking their hit as well! Officially hate living in town!! This is the only night i have flinched at the close door going and double checked that my door is locked! Fucking junkies. You all should be shot with a sniper! Not like you value life, putting shit in your veins everyday! And its worse when you have to use your leg because you have none left in your arms!


So on the 7th of November at some point in the early hours of the morning I went in to labour, funny thing was I didn’t actually realise and thought the contractions I was getting were just braxton hicks. At 8 o clock I called PRI maternity ward and was told that ‘it sounds like things are starting’ I had to take paracetmol and try to rest. Paracetmol did fuck all and rest is impossible when your contractions are every 4 minutes apart. Later on that night my mum visited and insisted that I called the midwife again. When I arrived at PRI I got an internal and was told that I was 7-8cm dilated, so wasn’t going home. After lots of gas and air and an injection of diamorphine, my wonderful gorgeous daughter was born!! Welcome to the world Kelcie Margaret-Helen Blake

So i have 4 weeks and 2 days left until baby due date. Safe to say i am starting to get a little bit nervous. Mixed emotions. Scared, excited, absolutely shitting myself but looking forward to being a mum! Can’t wait to hold my little one :)

Garfield!! :)

Garfield!! :)

Been awhile since I have been on Tumblr. So bump is getting bigger and more active. Sleeping seems to be a huge task now, finding a comfortable position is very difficult. Then there is the issue of having a bladder the size of a pea! Every half hour if i am lucky! And then there is the braxton hicks that have recently started, slight twinges in my back… Not the best experience. But in the end it will all be worth it when i get to meet my little one. :)